NASCAR Crew Member Caught In Middle Of Giant Fireball

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Brendan Gaughan’s pit stall exploded into flame when spilled fuel caught on fire during tonight’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Richmond International Raceway. Gaughan’s car even drove off, still on fire.

Fortunately, the safety crews acted fast and no one appeared to be critically injured, including the crew member who was right in the middle of the explosion. According to USA Today reporter Jeff Gluck, two crew members from Gaughan’s team and one crew member of Eric McClure’s team were transported to a nearby hospital for further care.


The NASCAR Xfinity Series posted this Vine, which shows the exact moment everything exploded:


The fuel man right in the middle got the worst of it.

This is why you heed all the “VISOR DOWN!” nagging during fueling.

[Video via Fox Sports]

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The car in the foreground is getting refueled and it’s plainly dribbled at least a cup of fuel down the side of the car. It looks like the filler for the burning car was leaking fuel from the time it was behind the pit wall. I’d say those fillers are entirely defective, whether from design or from abuse. There’s no way any fuel should be dumped raw. While this may not happen often, it’s not for lack of trying.

At least for methanol, only water is required to douse a fire and prevent it spreading; but gasoline? Time to think about changing this fueling jug tradition before someone gets killed.