Rhys Millen Just Drifted The Crap Out Of That Hellcat On Empty Streets

Ever given thought to what you’d do if you were the last person on earth? Like, if everyone else up and disappeared one day? If (or maybe when) that happens to me, I’m going to do what Rhys Millen did in that Pennzoil ad: Just drift the absolute crap out of a Challenger Hellcat on empty streets at night.


Here’s the making-of featurette for that “Airlift Drift” that ran last week. I know, there’s a lot of adspeak about how Pennzoil takes things to “the next level of performance,” but the real draw is how Millen took over the empty streets of Cape Town with lots of tire smoke and the Hellcat’s signature supercharger scream.

This looks like it was awesome to shoot and do. I’d love to try it for real. The end of the world can’t come soon enough.

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How it happens for the others that try to imitate him: