Revenge via Undie-Attack: Wisconsin Man Defaces Public Vehicles

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Carrying on with the "All the Girls We've Loved Before" theme that seems to be running through our posts today, we were reminded while reading this piece of the night we went to go see Pirates of the Carribean with our ex-fianc and our hairstylist. A friend of ours had an unmistakable '69 Charger, and we happened to spot it while we were walking out of the theatre. Said friend tended to be nervous and jumpy around women, so our ex and our stylist decided to write him a note proclaiming his hotness and then stick a maxi pad (new, not used) to his windshield. We only wish we'd had a hidden camera to capture the hilarity that must've ensued. While we pulled our little stunt filled with love and good humor, a Wausau, WI man was busted for decorating municipal vehicles with ladies' delicates out of spite.


The 57 year-old Wisconsinite had pulled the stunt 30 to 50 times in the past, hanging brassieres and panties from the mirrors of Wausau and Marathon County Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department vehicles. His reasoning? Apparently Parks Department employees carelessly aimed blowing grass at him while he sat in a park gazebo. Just think, most guys would've just sent away for Charles Atlas' book. We applaud your creativity, 57-year-old Wausau man. We're sorry you got booked on disorderly conduct charges. We just don't wanna know where you got the undies.

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