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In the long-standing battle between Texas and Florida for American Capital of Weird-Ass Events, the Sunshine State lobbed a salvo yesterday that contained one of the most nonsensical excuses we've ever heard. Jorel Estera, a 30 year-old Tampa motorist, lost control of his 2000 Nissan Altima, hopped a curb, and crashed through the front of Bonnie Allen's duplex, where she happened to be napping on a couch. Allen escaped with minor cuts and bruises, while Estera survived without serious injury. Upon being cited by Tampa police with careless driving, Estera claimed, "I couldn't stop the car. The thing stuck in neutral. The gear was stuck. I couldn't move it." Apparently Estera has never heard of "brakes," and is unfamiliar with the concept of a gearbox needing to be out of neutral to transmit power to the wheels.


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