Revel in the Delicious Sounds of a Lada and Forget About Your Own Car's Problems

Old car ownership is fraught with all kinds of strange noises that could signal another costly repair. Whether you ignore the problems for a later date or become overwhelmed with dread, chances are you didn’t think to make an aesthetically pleasing video out of them. Thankfully, YouTuber Рома, Просто Рома and his Lada did.


All the sounds are in this one, right down to the ones you wouldn’t expect. Yeah, we’re all expecting the exhaust. But the sound of twisting vents? Or closing the hood after topping up your fluids? It’s the little things that make this video so cool. It’s the intimacy of owning a Lada without actually having, y’know, own one.

I personally have never owned a Lada, but my family owned cars from the 60s and 70s. My dad’s Barracuda was one of my favorite playgrounds as a kid—I’d hop in to click the seatbelt, poke at the ashtray, creak the doors open, or push all fun buttons. This video brought my back to that playful place, where I just relished in all the sounds I could make in the garage, long before I knew the beauty of starting up my very own vehicle.

This Lada sounds relatively healthy, which makes for a much more pleasant listening experience—so buckle up and enjoy the beauty of old car sounds without the weight of old car problems.

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Oh boy, this is was oh so long ago, but it reminds me of the Techno Jeep.

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