Formula One is a sport of ingenuity—how can you make racing bigger, better, and faster than everyone else? That’s why I’m shocked it’s taken us so long to figure out that putting a camera on the rear wing of the car makes for a damn cool view. But race fans around the world can rejoice: McLaren has got this one right.

This view is absurd. Helmet cams are cool, sidepod cams are cool, front wing cams are cool, but this is totally different. I love angles that let me pretend I’m a race car driver, but this is just pure car porn, plain and simple.

Ugh. Beautiful.

Is is just me, or does is the sound in this view so much nicer than in other angles? It’s a little muted, sure, but it just seems clearer than what we’re used to.


I doubt a rear wing cam is going to become part of a standard race day broadcast—damn those pesky aerodynamics!—but I’m hoping more teams will pick up on the trend for long test sessions and media runs.

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