Reserve Not Met: Go Kart Voyager Vannin on eBay

Plymouth produced some of the most legendary American cars of all time. The Roadrunner and Superbird are but a few that come to mind. Plymouth was also no stranger to the Vannin craze. Before Plymouth Voyager became associated with boxy eighties minivans, the nameplate was used on the Plymouth equivalent of the Dodge Sportsman. The auction for what looks to be the 70's promotional Voyager shell for use atop a go kart chassis has come and gone, but the reserve was not met. Airbrush on a Star Wars mural, pop in an opera window, and stuff a transverse-mounted 392 Hemi with some centrifugal clutch chain-drive on each end of the crankshaft. You could be the Mayor - of Go Kart City.

1971 Plymouth Voyager Go Kart Body []

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