Wicker interiors... life-size cobra hood ornaments... pet raccoons... macrame bikinis... Grandpa's steamer trunk converted into a trailer. All these wonderful things- and much more- will be on display for you in this fine three-part documentary of the fourth annual Truck-In, held in 1976 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. According to the narrator, it's the Rose Bowl, Indy 500, and Woodstock of vanning. It's a pretty sure bet that nobody within 50 miles of this gathering would have been able to pass a drug test for the next several years...

Damn, what's happened to all those righteous vans? It's a national emergency!

Well, that's settled- all of us must get vans. Only question is: what theme to use on your mural? We're thinking it would be nice to get an airbrush job based on the album artwork from Lynyrd Skynyrd's second album, only with with the faces of the members of the 7th Comintern Congress substituted for the faces of the boys from Florida.


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