Report: Sportvan BMWs on the Way, Based on 3-Series, 5-Series

We've been hearing about this bizarre BMW X6 (or F6) crossover for nigh on two years. But several generations of artists' renderings later, and one purported eyewitness account, haven't quite clarified things. We do know there's a new manner of BMW coming that looks like a 6-Series four door, only more aggressive looking and with a higher ride height. Now, MotorTrend reports BMW could be working up a similar vehicle based on the 3-Series, though it's yet to be greenlighted. Obviously, the company's preparing for the post-SUV world, where aerodynamics are again a consideration. What did we do to deserve this weird, new era.

BMW expands Sportvan project: Now there's a 3 Series version planned, too [Motor Trend]


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