Spartanburg, Are You Ready to Rock? BMW's X6 Gearup

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Well, okay, BMW's coming X6 crossover may not have six wheels, but according to one of Automotive News sources (at a BMW supplier), the company does appear to be ramping up to produce in range of 40,000 units a year at its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The X6, if you'll recall, will be BMW's answer to the Mercedes R-Class and Infiniti FX. According to a BMW rep, the X5-based allroader will be smaller than the R-Class, cost upward of $50,000 and handle like a BMW. Oh, and the proposed dually version? Just a rumor. [Thanks to for the image]


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Mike Spinelli

It's murky at this point. Expectations of the final product are that it'll be in between those two constructs. More space than the FX, but sportier than the R-Class.