Report: Imperial to Be New Chrysler Flagship, For Real

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A couple of months ago, we heard from Wards that the Imperial was to be the bellwether in Chrysler's dramatic march upmarket. All seemed lost when the company split from the Daimler bunch. But now, according to Autocar, the project is still a go, despite that Chrysler will soon be of the three-headed devil dog Cerberus. Word is the production Imperial will launch in 2010, with production slated for the Brampton Assembly Plant, Brampton, Ontario, where the Chrysler 300C and Dodge Magnum and Charger are screwed together. The rear-drive luxo-sedan will give the company the flagship it's been lacking for nigh on three decades, despite a shape that's guaranteed to cause fighting in the streets. No word on price yet, but you can expect they'll want to impress the new bosses with a nice fat margin.


Imperial limo to head new Chrysler breed [Autocar]

Chrysler Group On the Crack Rock? Imperial On Track for Production [internal]


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Ahh....the seventh sign of the apocalypse. I'm not a Christian, or even religious. But i think i should start paying attention. This could be the end of our automtive world, when a joke car gets the green light for production.