Chrysler Group On the Crack Rock? Imperial On Track for Production

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Cue the Fred Willard "Wha' happen'?" sample. Have Chrysler's problems engendered some sort of mass psychosis within the company's walls? Seems so, since they've decided to build the Imperial, which given the company's situation, seems like a case of throwing dumb after dumb, with an extra-large side of dumb garnished with more dumb. And a 44-oz cup of dumb to wash it down. On the other hand, the CAW ladies and gents at DCX's Brampton, ON plant, where the car would be built alongside the Charger, Magnum, Challenger and 300, rejected concessions that would allow the Imp to be constructed there. However, Chrysler's apparently still got the ungainly beast scheduled for '09. We're frightened. What's become of you, Ma Mopar?

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