Illustration for article titled Report: Audi Q5 to Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

We've already seen countless prototypes caught by the long-lens set. Now, according to Automotive News, Audi's new small SUV/crossover and younger debutante sister to the Q7 — that is, the Q5 — will receive its coming out at the LA auto show later this month. Apparently, Audi's competitor to the BMW X3 and upcoming Mercedes GLK will go on sale in the US in early 2008. Expect engine choices to run the Audi gamut, from 2.0-liter four to 3.0-liter six over autobox or VW/Audi's new seven-speed DSG. As is the case with all new Audi models, some are discussing an S version with the corporate 4.2-liter V8, though that's eminently wishful at this point.


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