Report: Alfa Romeo's US Return Pegged for 2010

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The multilingualists at Eurocar Blog picked up a story in our favorite Italian car magazine Quattroruote (literally, four wheels) indicating Alfa Romeo's return to America won't be rushed. In fact, the report says, we won't be seeing new Alfas in the states until 2010, when we'll be getting the Brera, 159 and new Spider by way of Maserati's dealer network. But, as the ragazzi from ECB point out, the company's chances among power-hungry American buyers would be augmented by the addition of rumored GTA versions of the cars, along with proposed rear-wheel-drive offerings like the 8C Competizione (pictured) and Alfa 169 luxury sedan, powered by Ferrari-Maserati V8s. We'll keep the panna cotta warm.


Alfa Romeo back in the States by 2010 [Eurocar Blog]

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