Say It's So!: Alfa to Build the 8C Competizione

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According to an article in 4Car, Alfa Romeo has (finally) decided to build a production version of the 8C Competizione concept it showed off in 2003. It looks like the Alfa Comp may be the car that was to have been the new, downmarket Ferrari Dino, with a carbon-fiber body and likely the Ferrari/Maserati corporate 4.2-liter V8 under the hood. And the best part? The timeline. 4Car reports a production-ready 8C will debut at this September's Paris show, where the company will "take orders for a 500-car production run." A spider version could show up sometime in the future, if Alfa CEO Antonio Baravalle's "dream" comes true. Ours apparently has.

Alfa 8C Competizione will be built [Left Lane News]

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