Replace All Cars With Lamborghini Diablo GTs

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Allow me to offer a modest proposal: replace all cars with Lamborghini Diablo GTs.

Many problems face the driving world today. Gridlock. Distracted driving. Turbo lag. I venture that these issues could all be solved by simply taking all cars, recycling them, then replacing each one of them with a Lamborghini Diablo GT.


Introduced in 1999 with a limited production run of 80 cars, none of which were brought to the United States, Lamborghini Diablo GT was both one of the last old Lamborghinis and one of the first new ones; it was the penultimate iteration of the Diablo, the last full-size Lamborghini designed before Audi took control over the company.


The GT was lighter and more powerful than a regular Diablo, with custom aero, a wider front track, new suspension, new brakes, a re-oriented manual shift lever, new carbon fiber body panels, special order gear ratios, and a 575 horsepower 6.0 liter V12 with individual throttle bodies.


We would drive faster and, all of us driving uniformly faster, we would be safer.


We would have more access to cutting-edge technology.

We would focus on the task of driving.

We would employ innumerable new mechanics.

We would begin new cottage industries of ‘practicalizing’ Lamborghinis for ground clearance, towing, or even taking groups of children to soccer practice. (A tow hitch and a small trailer can’t be too difficult to mock up, right?)


Would our world be a faster, better, more sonorous world if our one billion-plus cars were replaced with Lamborghinis? I certainly think so.