Renault's Espace F1 Matra: Racing's Minivan

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Back in 1993, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Espace Minivan, and of its competition in Formula 1 racing, Renault created a one-off show car that combined the two milestones in one concept. The Espace F1 Matra, powered by a rear-mounted, 3.5-liter, 800hp, V10 RS4 Grand Prix engine and motivated by a six-speed tranny, was an extreme grocery getter for moms on speed. Though it was never put into production (gee, we wonder why?), the van, which had a top speed of 194mph and could reach 60mph from a standing stop in 2.8 seconds, caused a stir at the 1994 Paris Auto Show where it made its debut. [Thanks to Chris for the tip!]


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