Remote Camera Helicopters Give Races An NES Look

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The co-owner of Desert Dingo racing, Jim Graham, sent us this great bit of video of Class 11 (mostly stock VW Beetles) desert racing, shot via a camera mounted on a remote-controlled helicopter.


This is a very cutting-edge way to shoot such races, and the end result looks remarkably like a higher resolution version of the classic NES (and other platforms) game Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road.

I mean, I can't imagine not being reminded of Off Road after seeing this. If you see the original video and don't think of this, then I'm sorry to say we probably won't be friends if we both fall into a time sphincter and end up back in the eighth grade. Sorry.



Who has two thumbs, a birthday today and featured on Jalopnik? This guy.

Thank you :)