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Regular Dude Tries To Ride Pro's Downhill Bike, Eats His Face

A rider at the mountain bike world cup in Cairns, Australia fell and injured himself, then asked a friend to take his bike for him. The buddy then attempted to run the rest of the course himself, with no safety gear whatsoever. Things did not go well.


The pro rider was Adam Brayston, who injured his leg in a fall on the difficult course, the Herald Sun reports. Brayston was hospitalized for his fall, as was his unnamed friend, who totally ate it in the most dramatic fashion further downhill.

The wannabe racer is reportedly in stable condition.

(Hat tip to xxstich666xx!)

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How many times do you have to tell people to wear a fucking helmet???

You can find some for 40$ and they'll save your life, stop worrying about your hairstyle and get one.