Red Bull Donuts The Rainbow

If there's one thing I love, it's laying down sweet, sweet donuts. If there's anything that's even better, it's donuts in an F1 car. How do you top perfection? Well, you run your F1 car in a delightfully circular fashion through Holi powder for the Indian Festival of Colors.


Donuts are wonderful. They are a celebration of noise, speed and smoke that is almost sweeter than their pastry counterpart.

Here is David Coulthard flipping up great clouds of powdered joy and happiness in Hyderabad. The car is the old RB7 from 2011 that the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team uses for demonstrations, so it still even has that lovely V8 scream.

Let me just go on the record as saying that Red Bull should not be permitted to leave F1, ever, because they make stuff like this happen. We know the Renault power units suck this year. I understand that the reliability issues are back with a vengeance. We get it. But man oh man, donuts do not suck. Please continue leaving fabulous donuts in every country on earth. Thanks in advance.


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I think we should make an international *Holi*day dedicated to F1 cars doing burnouts through colored powder.