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The Infiniti Red Bull Racing team hasn't been doing so well this season. After suffering issues due to overheating front brakes at the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix, the team switched from this year's Hitco brake system back to 2014's Brembo brakes. How did that work out? Not well, if you're Daniil Kvyat.


Not well at all.


Kvyat's brakes caught fire as he left pit lane during Free Practice 2. The team instructed him to limp the car back into the pits, but he couldn't. He suffered a brake failure and sailed right into the tire barrier.

I know this year's car is supposed to be a mild evolution of last year's, but perhaps this year's brakes really do work better than the ones that were supposed to go with 2014's car? Overheating is at least a notch down from "on fire."

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