Red Bull Broke the Fastest F1 Pit Stop Record for the Second Race in a Row

Gif: Michiel Toneman (YouTube)

This weekend’s Formula One German Grand Prix at Hockenheim might just have been one of the best races of the season—but with Sebastian Vettel’s comeback drive and Lewis Hamilton’s tragic weekend, you might have missed another big moment. Red Bull Racing set the world record for the fastest pit stop. Again.


Remember how at the race before Hockenheim—the British Grand Prix—Red Bull set a pit stop time of a mere 1.91 seconds? Well, the team was even faster this time.

Yep. On lap 46 of the German Grand Prix, Max Verstappen pulled into his pit box for a four-tire change. 1.88 seconds later, he pulled back out.

1.88 seconds. Let that sink in.

Red Bull is kicking ass on the pit stop front, as well as at the actual racing. Max Verstappen cinched the number one position at Hockenheim over the weekend

If you’re interested in seeing how they compare to the other teams on the grid, you can check out DHL’s Fastest Pit Stop Award, which gives all sorts of stats about pit stop times throughout the season. (Spoiler: Red Bull is really freakin’ good.)

The next F1 race is August 4, at Hungary. Who thinks Red Bull can pull this off for a third race in a row?

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Mercedes’ Hamilton stop (where they took 50sec to change the wing and tires) must also have broken a record or two!

Here it is to the Benny Hill soundtrack: