Red Bull Beats Its Own Record For Fastest Pit Stop For The Third Time This Season

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World records, like rules or the latches on public restroom doors, were made to be broken. Again. And again. Red Bull Racing truly lives by this motto. They’ve just beat their own record of 1.88 seconds with a 1.82-second long pit stop. That’s four tires off and four tires on in less time than it takes to blink, if you blink extremely slowly.


So do NOT blink, lest you miss it. Here’s footage of the pit stop from different angles, and even added some slow-mo for your regular sleepy human eyes to be able to see the stop in its entirety.

The quick stop happened as Max Verstappen came in on lap 21 of 71 for his first of three pit stops at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, according to Car And Driver.

The first time the team crushed the world record was back in July at the 2019 British Grand Prix, with a positively glacial 1.9-second pit stop. They finally shaped up a week later, just in time to perform a 1.88-second stop at the German Grand Prix. An average pit stop takes 2.5 seconds. That means that by the time your average driver with an “okay” pit crew has a new set of tires, Verstappen is already long gone.

It’s not just Red Bull’s pit crew that is moving fast this year. In Brazil last week, Max Verstappen was the first driver of a Honda-powered car to qualify for a pole position since Ayrton Senna qualified first for McLaren in 1991. Verstappen claimed first at the Brazil Grand Prix, and he’s had three wins and eight podiums this season.

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I’ll say it again; this is impressive for sure but by my count there’s 16 people! Including two guys who appear to just hold the car steady on the jacks?

Unpopular take but I’m more impressed with the NASCAR teams who are changing 4 tires, 20 lug nuts, and filling with fuel with only 5 guys in sub 12 seconds.