Real Top Gear Returns November 2

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Originally intended to start on October 26th, Top Gear is now officially slated for a return to television on November 2nd. We can hardly wait for Series 12 to start, particularly because of the American road trip Jeremy and the boys had in a 2009 Corvette ZR1, 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 and a 2009 Cadillac CTS-V. Though we'll have to see if their hour-long special trip to Vietnam is part of the upcoming series, or a stand-alone. [via TopGear]


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Rob Emslie

Cop: Mr. Clarkson, if you refuse to submit to the field sobriety test, I will have to take you back to the station where you'll be forced to take a blood test to determine if you have been driving impaired.

Jezza: Look, for the last time, I'm not drunk, I'm English.

Mays: You know, it is possible to be both

Hammond: James, be quiet.

Cop: And how old is the boy here who was driving the Dodge? You do know the legal driving age in this state is 16 don't you?

Jeremy: Oh for the love of. . . he's like, I don't know, 40 or something, I really haven't had the stomach to find out much in the way of intimate detail about him, plus I've only known him for 12 or so years. I can tell you that he is of legal age, he just shops in the boys department because he's stunted.

Hammond (quietly): Thank you Jeremy.

Mays: He's 38, and I wouldn't call him stunted.

Hammond (raising a hand toward James): Thank you! At last a modest demonstration of respect.

Mays: I'm sure it's genetic. Richard, is your whole family small?

Hammond (confused): Yes, I mean there's only the four of us, I mean . . . what are you saying?

Jeremy: Look, can we get on with this? Here, touch my nose, touch my toes, Keira Knightly's got a nice pair of those. How's that?

Cop: Er . . . I'm going to have to take you and the little fella' into the station, you were each doing over 100, and that's a jail-able offense. Sir, you were driving the Cadillac?

Mays: Yes, I was piloting the monument to American industrial . . .

Cop: Okay, just answer the question sir. You may go, and please remember to keep it under 75.

Mays (smirking): Always, always . . . thank you officer.

Cop (to Jezza and the Hamster): Please turn around.

Hammond (panicking): Jeremy, I can't go to jail! Do you know what they'll do to me in there?! I mean, I went to boarding school, but that was years ago. I! I'm not built for jail!

Clarkson (sighing): God how I loathe Americans.