Real Teens Kill Virtual Pedestrians When Texting

This just in, teens texting while driving are dangerous and have a higher propensity for hitting pedestrians, according to a study published by Eastern Virginia Medical School. Also, the sun is hot and dogs bark.

The study, apparently done by the Medical School's "Department of Obvious Things," put a selection of teens aged 16 to 20 who had been screened for alcohol and caffeine use, as well as ADD and poor driving history behind the wheel of a driving simulator where they were subjected to differnet driving situations. The control group drove through urban an rural courses with no cell phone, the second test put them on the same roads while talking on the phone and third while texting. The results indicate texting while driving leads to erratic changes in speed and the likelihood of swerving within the lane. It also saw a marked increase in the number of pedestrians hit during the simulation. So remember folks, cell phones don't kill people, kids with cell phones do. [Science Daily]


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