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Ratchet, Ironhide Spotted; Transformers 2 Filming In Arizona?

Illustration for article titled Ratchet, Ironhide Spotted; Transformers 2 Filming In Arizona?

Today's daily Transformers 2 update comes with more spotted Autobots and rumors of a filming location. Photographed in the Culver City, Calif. is this truck loaded up with Ironhide and Ratchet. This is the third Transformer spotting we've seen over the past week. Last Friday we saw twin Barricades, yesterday we caught glimpse of Optimus Prime and now we have Ratchet and Ironhide. My keen eye also noticed that all of the spotted Transformers are being hauled around from seemingly the same truck and trailer. That's one hell of a lucky truck driver.


The second tidbit of news comes by way of the Sedona, Ariz. film commission that is reporting multiple production inquiries for Transformers 2. Given the geographic nature of Arizona, it's not that shocking to hear Michael Bay and company looking to the Sedona to film the sequel. At least there is plenty of room for overly epic and amazing Transformers fight scenes. [Superhero Hype; Sedona Film Commission via TFW2005]

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Jeff Glucker

@beercheck: Good point, it has been awhile... I was beginning to worry they are considering other colors