Two Barricade Saleen Mustangs Spotted, Transformers 2 Already Filming?

These shots, snapped in a drive-by of a trailer in the movie-making capital of Culver City, Calif. are two Saleen Mustangs outfitted with that familiar paint scheme that marks a very special 'stang. This can only mean filming of Michael Bay's next masterpiece is underway or getting pretty damn close. We can already hear Wert's robogasms from here.


The latest word is the script is still in development with filming to start in June, and really, why worry about something as silly as a script when there's giant freakin' robots to blow stuff up. But as we saw earlier this month, Bay is pretty excited about the sequel, so we wouldn't be surprised if things were already starting to get underway.

Now the questions start to fly: why would there be two Barricades? One would think that multiples would be needed for the filming process, but the little kid in us believes Barricade multiplies and fights as twins, or, you know, Ford's bringing out their new Barricade special edition Saleen 'stang. Nah. [FilmSchoolRejects]

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