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The Range Rover Sport SVR is a 550 horsepower missile with a 33.5" wading depth and better on-road performance instincts than any SUV has a right to. It looks nothing short of glorious screaming sideways around these corners in slow motion.


Jaguar Land Rover's Chief Engineer for Vehicle Integrity Mike Cross makes it sound like the vehicle's suite of driver aids and drivetrain settings are advanced enough to make any idiot look like Sebastian Vettel out there:

"Torque vectoring helps the car turn in exactly as you'd want it to, and if you're in the mood the car rewards you with beautiful balance."

"Once into the turn, immediate power, and intuitive steering tell the driver exactly what's going on."

"The active differential allows you to carry and hold an angle through a curve, letting you maintain the perfect line."

Damn, you could sell anything speaking in that accent and pace... but Cross hardly needs to supplement the elegance of this thing sliding around corners. It's something beautiful to behold.

The Range Rover Sport SVR can sprint from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 162 MPH.

Images via Land Rover

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