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Ralph Nader: Devil Or Angel?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Philosophy Week marches on... This isn't Wonkette, so we won't be discussing Florida circa 2000, OK? We will be discussing what Ralph Nader did in 1965: publish a book called Unsafe At Any Speed. Far too many people think of Nader's polemic as "the book about the Corvair." Truth is, only one of the eight chapters was about the butt-engined Chevy. The larger theme of the book was that automakers routinely chose profit over safety and constantly fought against items such as seatbelts, padded dashboards and collapsible steering columns. GM sure didn't help their case by sending private dicks and hookers after the morally upright Nader. Also remember that none other than John DeLorean in his own book On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors, wrote that everything Nader said about the Corvair was not only true, but known to GM before the car ever went on sale.

If we look at Robert Kubica's recent 75 G crash, it becomes obvious that no one ever has to die in an automobile accident. Never forget what Colonel Stapp taught us: deceleration alone does not kill humans. Years ago I was involved in a horrible accident that was phoned into 911 as "two fatalities." A 6-ton delivery truck going about 45 mph rear ended my buddy's stopped Mazda 323 at a funny angle and pushed us into oncoming traffic where the little compact was struck again by a car coming the other direction. However, both my friend and I were belted in and able to walk away virtually unscathed. In fact, the cops who arrived on scene refused to talk to us because they didn't believe we could've been in the totally deformed Mazda. I contend that if not for Ralph Nader, you wouldn't be reading this sentence, as I'd be dead. Discuss.