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Kubica's 75Gs, and We Don't Mean Money

Illustration for article titled Kubicas 75Gs, and We Dont Mean Money

Photo: AFP/ Getty Images

As if you needed a bunch of math to confirm what a lucky bastard BMW-Sauber's Robert Kubica is. Check out what the cockpit data recorder says about the crash that rang his bell during the Canadian Grand Prix a couple weeks ago. Apparently, Kubica's relatively minor injuries belied the forces acting on his hurling corpus. Kubica apparently sustained 75Gs when he slammed into a wall after trying to pass Jarno Trulli. He hit the wall at just under 143 mph, shattering his car. Experts say the car's survival cell, enhanced crash boxes, HANS device, cockpit head rest and helmet all conspired to keep the Pole in one piece. Guess they took Chris Rock's advice and built the car out of the same stuff as the black box.


Kubica's crash data disclosed []

Robert Kubica's Crash at the Canadian Grand Prix [internal]


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(And just think: 75Gs and no airbags! There's no half ton of safety gear to weigh these cars down, but with cleverness (and strapping the driver onto the car, rather than sitting in the car) weight can be saved and safety can be maintained! Imagine that! Obviously J. Random Mom and Dad aren't going to put up with 5-point racing harness plus head restraint, but i do wonder why we don't see more top-end cars designed using this sort of technology...)