Robert Kubica's crash at the Canadian Grand Prix yesterday was the most heart-stopping moments in F1 since Bernie Ecclestone called Danica Patrick a "domestic appliance." But we can joke, since Kubica — defying every law of trauma after sustaining ludicrous g-force on impact — suffered no more than a mild concussion and a sprained ankle. The BMW-Sauberite had gotten tangled up with Jarno Trulli 27 laps in, sending him airborne and into a wall at more than 186 miles per hour. His car came to rest on its side, with little more than the cockpit left intact. In the tense moments following the crash, you can hear the chilling "oh shit, he's dead" inflection in the Belgian announcer's voice. Kubica's first question to trauma docs? "Will I be able to race in Indianapolis next Sunday?" What, is he out of his friggin' mind?

Kubica sustained just a sprained ankle []

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