Beyond Bruce: 2006 BMW Sauber F1 Steering Wheel

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We here at the blog that exists in the form of Jalopnik like nothing better than to get together and crack jokes about Germans and their anal-retentive technological tendencies. But this is beyond the pale. Forget ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL! This puppy is CARBON FIBRE, RUBBER, ALUMINIUM, TITANIUM, SHTEEL UND PLASTIC! And that's part of the reason why it retails for $50,000. And #14 there lets you control the angle of the wing. When we take over, all cars will be required to have that. Click the link to check out what Mr. Schumaker used to steer his Ferrari.


Steering wheel [F1 Technical]

Meet Albert2: BMW Sauber F1's Brain [Internal]


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#14 does not control wing angle, active aerodynamics are not allowed in F1. The driver can turn the knob which will let the pit crew know that he desires a change of angle when he pits, which is then done by hand by the crew.

Thats why its called the "Wing angle INFO switch"!