We last met Norwegian rally driver Mads Østberg when he successfully set the world record for jumping on snow in a rally car, but he seems to be having a much worse time in Portugal.


While storming through the World Rally Championship's Rally de Portugal, Mads Østberg hit a curve a bit wonky and sent his Ford Fiesta rolling down a hill.

What went wrong?

Østberg initially called it a miscommunication, but then seemed to blame co-driver Jonas Andersson:

We had a bit of a communication issue. If I misheard a pace note, or if it was read the wrong way, but either way it was a problem. Because the pace note, I thought it was wrong. So we had to bank on the outside and flick the car over and we rolled down here to a road that's passing on the down-side. So it was quite a hard crash.

Though it's unfortunate for the both of them in terms of their standings on the leaderboard, both guys seem to be alright health-wise. You can tell that from the amount of times they both ask "OKAY?" as they tumble along.

Hat tip to Car Crack!

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