NASA scribe Rob Krider, fresh from his coverage of the LeMons Reno race, has now been recruited by Judge Zerin to write a regular Racin' 101 series for Speed:Sport:Life.

Krider Racing appears to be on a quest to participate in every form of vehicle racing that the world has to offer (though it's all an anticlimax once you've won the 24 Hours Of LeMons). In addition to Autocrossing 101, or, How To Kill Cones and Rallycrossing 101, or, Let's Get Dirty Baby, we're sure to get Cordoba Bashing 101, Soapbox Derby 101, racing involving eating dust and cacti, and- if Rob can be believed- Pinewood Derby 101. Each episode includes the handy Racer Boy Gauge Cluster, which indicates such factors as expense (fuel gauge) and excitement (tachometer).

[Rallyrossing 101, Autocrossing 101]