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R.I.P. Greg of Akron

Illustration for article titled R.I.P. Greg of Akron

We have received the sad news that Greg of Akron, creator of some of the most super-cosmic custom vans of the Van Era, died last week at the age of 66. Since he was such a crucial cultural icon, we think the US Postal Service ought to issue a special commemorative stamp with some of Greg's artwork; email them and join the chorus of demands for the Greg of Akron postage stamp!


Greg of (Grego) Akron [Akron Beacon Journal]

JC Whitney '75: Hauntingly Beautiful Vinyl Van Murals By Greg of Akron [internal]


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Say what you want about the weather, roads, and declining economy...The Cleveland-Akron has been the tumbler that polished many touchstones of American Culture;


Summit Racing

Arsenio Hall

330 represent, if i had a can of P.O.C. I'd spill it for our fallen.