Hang on to your mood rings, swingin' studs and feathered foxes, because Murilee's got himself a 1975 JC Whitney catalog! And within that catalog are some wonderful things that make me get back to work on the half-finished time machine in the basement. For example, look at what $7.95 or $12.95 would get you: a genuine stick-on vinyl "Exotic full-color mural" featuring a "special airbrush technique" for the look of "expensive, original hand painted scenes!" But, best of all, these hauntingly beautiful works of art were created by Greg. Yes, the Greg. Of Akron. Now, one might quibble that JC Whitney's lo-fi black-and-white printing on pulp paper makes it a bit hard to actually feel the haunting impact of these murals, but I'm sure they were jaw-dropping in person. Sadly, Greg of Akron no longer dominates the landscape as he once did; the URL below is one of the few references I was able to find for him.

Flying Eagle Van By Greg of Akron [Cap'n Scurvy's Treasure Chest]

Here, In My Van, I Can Play The Last Tape [internal]


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