Quick Question: Which Is Engine Sauce, Oil or Gas?

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There’s a lot of important questions to consider when it comes to the vast and complex world of automobiles, but perhaps the most neglected questions are the ones relating to the analogies of automotive fluids, like, which is engine sauce, oil or gasoline?

Personally, I think the engine’s sauce would be oil more than gasoline, though the more I think about it, the less certain I become. Maybe oil is more like a gravy?

A sauce is something you pour onto a given food, something it gets slathered in. I think oil comes closer to that than fuel, though, really, both are quite internal and not poured over the engine. The relative thickness of oil also helps contribute to its status as a sauce.


Regardless, I think there are at least a few automotive fluid analogies that can be agreed upon:

Car sweat: coolant

Car blood: oil

Car food/beverage: fuel (gasoline, diesel, etc)

Car urine: any leaked fluid

Car sweat (alternative): washer fluid

Car drool: coolant if leaking from the grille

Car spinal fluid: blinker fluid

Of course, I’m open to your thoughts on this.

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Would that make dripping differential fluid rear end leakage then?