Look, it’s Friday near the end of the year. This is my last chance to get all this dumb stuff out of my system. So, with that in mind, I’d like to propose the following Quick Question: does the Lada Niva sort of remind you of Groucho Marx, at least more than most cars?

It does for me. The arrangement of the elements of the Lada’s face, most specifically the positioning of the indicator/sidelamp units in relationship to the round headlights really evokes images of Groucho, with the indicators as those trademark eyebrows, the round lights those round glasses.

Even that big black rectangular slab of grille sort of evokes the greasepaint moustache.


I’m not saying a Niva could pass for Groucho at some 1955 cocktail party, but as far as cars go, especially as far as 4x4 SUVs go, I think the Niva is by far the most Groucho-like.

Thoughts? Now’s your chance to weigh in on this important issue!