Question Of The Weekend: What's The Greatest Car You've Ever Driven?

It's a simple question that gets a different answer from everyone: What's the greatest car you've ever driven?

For me, it was probably the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible, pictured above. I got to review one for my newspaper a couple years back. It packed a 6.0-liter W12 good for 621 horsepower and 591 pound-feet of torque. Acceleration in that thing was just obscene. You had to be damn sure there was plenty of traffic-free road ahead of you if you slammed on the gas.


The car was massive in both size and price, weighing in at 5,000 pounds and costing about $280,000. It handled like it was towing a yacht but that simply didn't matter because it was so absurdly powerful. It's the closest I'll ever get to driving a Bugatti. (Unless, VW, you're feeling generous enough to give me a loaner. I won't even crash it into a bay. How about it?)

So what's the best car you've driven? It could be the fastest car, the most expensive car, your own personal dream car, or something that meant a lot to you, like your father's prized '55 Bel Air. Share your thoughts in Kinja below.

Photo credit Bentley

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