Question of the Day: Will the 1 Survive?

We are very, very tired, and it's all BMW's fault. We were up much too late discussing Scotto's call out of CAR over 3-Series spy illustrations, but first, we got into another round of arguing with Kasey from Dubspeed (known to y'all as Punkey) about whether the 1-Series will actually sell in the U.S. Kasey, being like zero years old, barely remembers the US sales-failure 318ti, a car which we desired greatly as a college student (the E36 Bimmer is one of our all-time faves). We say it's too expensive for what it is. Kasey claims that it'll sell because people are dumb. We have a two-year-from-the-date-of-launch five-buck bet. What do you think?

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