We're Getting It: BMW 135i Coming to US

Let the premium hatchback wars commence forthwith. The Winding Road crew received the confirmation stateside fans of the BMW 1-Series have been pining for since the diminutive bimmer debuted in Europe nearly three years ago. BMW officials say the one will hit these shores within two years. Starting with the icing, the hottest of the coming hatches will get BMW's 335i's 3.0-liter biturbo six, with lesser models sporting the naturally aspirated inline six. The twist is that the US will get the two-door versions only, and the company's yet to decide on one of 15 concepts under discussion. Nonetheless, expect a hatch-off against the Audi S3 at some future date to be named later.

BMW Source Confirms GTI-Killing 135i For U.S. Market [Winding Road]

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