We're Getting It: BMW 135i Coming to US

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Let the premium hatchback wars commence forthwith. The Winding Road crew received the confirmation stateside fans of the BMW 1-Series have been pining for since the diminutive bimmer debuted in Europe nearly three years ago. BMW officials say the one will hit these shores within two years. Starting with the icing, the hottest of the coming hatches will get BMW's 335i's 3.0-liter biturbo six, with lesser models sporting the naturally aspirated inline six. The twist is that the US will get the two-door versions only, and the company's yet to decide on one of 15 concepts under discussion. Nonetheless, expect a hatch-off against the Audi S3 at some future date to be named later.


BMW Source Confirms GTI-Killing 135i For U.S. Market [Winding Road]

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I'm most definitely an avid fan of the blue and white propeller, but I'm having a mixed reaction to this one. I have an e30 myself and love the car to bits (and pieces... a state it is often in due to my loving tinkering). I've been waiting for a modern replacement for it, but I'm not sure this (or a coupe version) is it. The looks are iffy and the back seats are reputedly useless. But then so are the ones in a 911. But then, this is not a 911.

But I could ignore all that if only the thing weighed in around 2600-2700 lbs. But no. It weighs in at 3200 lbs for the 130i in Europe. Thats only some 250 lbs short of a 530i. And its 150 lbs more than a Z4 coupe which looks FAR better and might have as useful a hatch (remember, no fake rear seats).

I really need to save some money and get myself a Cayman (base) - the only car that seems to manage luxury, refinement, sport and lightness together for a decent price. Ok fine, not so decent a price.