In light of Bumbeck's shocking coverage of the ban on drifting that human detritus a husband and wife have forced through at the Altamont Speedway, we were going to ask you which motorsport you would like to see banned. But then we got to thinking about an image to use above and an example of a car-related sport we would like to see gone and we couldn't think of any. Not one. Some of you might say NASCAR. And while it would be nice if the rules were changed so that the cars themselves had some personality, these cats are still running around tracks at 180 mph two-inches from each other. I'm lucky enough to have enjoyed a few laps of the Pomona Raceway in an actual NASCAR and while I had nothing but detached boredom for the sport going in, upon exiting the vehicle I have nothing but respect for what great drivers these dudes are. So, anyway, which motorsport is tops in your book?

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