Now that everyone's favorite vertically-challenged British motoring television presenter's condition has stabilized, we here at the apparently now "All Hammond, All the Time" Jalop would like to offer up a clip that illustrates the wacky crap the man does to make us smile. This time around, he straps himself into a jeep alongside a crazy Icelandic person and takes off across a lake. Not a frozen one, mind you. A fully-liquid lake. At rather high speeds.


Huzzah! Richard Hammond Now Described In "Stable Condition" After Jet-Car Crash; Update! Richard Hammond "Fighting For His Life" After 280 Mph Jet-Car Crash; Update! Sky News Reports Top Gear's Richard Hammond Driving Vampire Jet Car At 280 Mph At Time Of Accident; Breaking! Top Gear Presenter Richard Hammond In Car Crash [Internal]

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