Question Of The Day: What's In Your Car?

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The funniest thing Ted Nugent has ever said is this: If he could teach the entire population of Manhattan to bow hunt, there'd be enough food in Upstate New York to feed them. And by food he means Bambi. The second funniest might very well be, "[Black rifles] are everywhere. I personally don't know anybody who doesn't have two in his truck." If you don't know, "black rifle" is an NRA euphemism for "assault weapon." That got one of our most beloved commenters, Mr. SwatLax, thinking. What do those of us who exist in the form of keep in our vehicles? Currently, I have a phone charger, a piece-of-filth iPod radio adapter, six bungee cords and a Vitamin Water bottle stuffed with cigarettes. SwatLax is much more practical, including a raincoat, towel, garbage bag, water bottle, and pocketknife among the junk in his trunk. The Postfather even chimed in with his list, "Tissues, snow scraper, Mag Light, case for sunglasses lost two years ago..." And I would wager cash that not one of us keep any of the Motor City Madman's tuneage anywhere near his cars. Okay, maybe just "Free For All." You?


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Al Navarro

In the TT right now:

Assorted CDs (that I can remember OTTMH - Kanye West, Black Keys, Muse, Soundgarden, Feist, Chet Baker, Getz/Gilberto, Gilberto, the gospel album of a guy I sang in a concert with this past weekend)

Charger for Treo

Double cig adapter

AC inverter (for video camera or laptop)

Winter gloves

Patagonia softshell (left in the trunk after a Spring day that started cool and ended hot)

Black tie-it-yourself bowtie from Barneys (leftover from concert mentioned above

Case for pitch pipe

Stihl safety glasses (random!)

2 little shims for attaching my kids "ride behind" bikes to my bike

Empty coffee mug from this AM