QOTD: So, What Do You Think Of The New Hummer?

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Photo: GMC

We got our first look at GM’s new Hummer EV last night. It’s the first car I’ve seen in a while where I didn’t immediately have a sense of how it would be received by the buying public.


If there was a big LS in that frunk or a Duramax, I’d say GM wouldn’t be able to build them fast enough to meet demand from Jet Ski dealers who live in those huge particle board houses. But it’s an EV with a truly incredible set of performance and range claims. It’s massive and brutal-looking, an almost LM002, but it’s also incapable of spewing hydrocarbons out the back end. Is there a contradiction there?

Does that make it a tougher sell for the natural Hummer audience? Does it allow it to sell to an entirely different audience? Is this thing going to pave the way to mass acceptance of EVs or is it just an impressive curiosity?

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it’s terrible, it manages the unique GM styling skill of simultaneously integrating things like LEDs and modern tech into a design that looks 12 years old the day it leaves the factory.

it’s like someone took the tacky performative machismo of a jeep frownyface grille and turned it into a whole vehicle

it’s grotesque and it’s gonna make GM an utter buttload of money, and it’s a goddamned tragedy that this is going to be a more significant victory for them than the C8 Corvette.