Protoscar Lampo Electric Teased Ahead Of Geneva

Illustration for article titled Protoscar Lampo Electric Teased Ahead Of Geneva

There’s another frigid auto show coming up and just like Detroit, Geneva looks set to be filled with plenty of imaginary electric cars. The Protoscar Lampo is the latest.


The aerodynamically styled roadster is allegedly powered by two electric motors — the front optimized for regenerative braking, the rear for acceleration — and using a 35kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack, Protoscar says its new Lamp makes 268 HP and 325 lb-ft of torque, the latter available from 0 RPM. Since standard European outlets are more progressive than their American counterparts, offering 220v of sweet nuclear electricity as standard, quick recharges are available across the continent.

Protoscar says it plans to release more images and info nearer to the Geneva Motor Show. Maybe it’s time Jalopnik got in on the juicing green-targeted venture capital for all its worth game too.



Sooo....if we have rolling blackouts in some parts of the country without electric cars....what will happen when everyone is adding the extra strain to the grid?

What happens on the coast when a hurricane or snow storm hits and knocks out the electricity for a few days?