Just finishing a single 24 Hours of LeMons race can mean a one-way trip to The Crusher after the race is over, as was the case with the Team Come From Behind Probe. After all, a couple days of metal-crunching, rod-throwin' action tend to be rough on a sub-$500 car. That's what makes the glorious career of the Eyesore Racing CRX so great; Soichiro's little 2-seater not only finished three races, it placed 7th at the October '07 Altamont race, 7th again at the December '07 Thunderhill event, and took the coveted People's Choice award (along with a respectable 18th-place ranking) at the May '08 Altamont race. However, even a Honda can't live forever, and team member Wrappedinbacon sends us this photo of Eyesore Pimpin's dearly departed race car. Jump to read his description and see the entire Eyesore CRX Greatest Hits gallery.


I saw the post about the rotting Come From Behind Racing Probe and wanted to share the sole picture I have of our team's car awaiting the crusher.

Though I'm pretty sure that the yard didn't know what to do with a 1972 Lincoln MKCRXXX, they did take the liberty of destroying the only decent part of the car that we left on it; the windshield. Altamont 2008 was the Eyesore Racing CRX's 4th and final race. Too many nasty collisions left the frame rails too bent to repair, though a blown carburetor gasket that spewed engine coolant into every part of the engine (resulting in lots of steam from the air cleaners and crank case vent) is what ultimately led to the overheated death of our proud team mate.
The head gasket was fine... until we ripped it out for replacement in the last hour because we thought that it might be the problem. There is a coolant line that runs into the carb on those EW1 Honda engines (none of us know anything about carburetors, so this was all voodoo to us) and some gasket or line inside the carb body sprung a leak and followed the air into the engine.

Could we have fixed it? Maybe. But that would have taken a lot of work that should be put into our new car. A single tear falls from my eye... the memories! (fist shaking in the air)

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