24 Hours Of LeMons Veteran Awaits Crusher In Long Beach Junkyard

Is it better for a car to go out in a blaze of glory on the racetrack than to die an ignominious death of a thousand minor failures? We can all ponder that question as we study the corpse of the Team Come From Behind Probe, which didn't finish in the top 50 at Altamont but hung in there for most of the race despite some broken parts. Yurikaze found the Probe- roll cage still intact- at the Ecology yard in Long Beach, and was kind enough to share his photos with us. Make the jump to read Yurikaze's description, plus see the entire gallery (and a bonus gallery of the Come From Behind Probe during happier times). Yes, that's the Vanilla Pride Little Tree air freshener I handed out at the race!


I was walking through the Long Beach ecology looking for an engine for my AE86, and came across this Ford Probe with a rollcage sitting at the edge of the import section. Noticing the rollcage and weight reduction through hatch removal, my roomate says "Hey, doesn't this look like it could be a LeMons car? We looked closer at it, and saw numerous clues that it may possibly be one... including being driven by the Stig?

But it was happening across the patriotic Little Tree hanging off the cage that removed any doubt as to this car's history........


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