Project 1221 Update: Two-Seater Coming

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Word from the Project 1221 skunkworks this month is that a rear-wheel-drive two-seater will join the AWD three-seater in the group's MF1 line of prospective ultramegasupercars. The second model will share a wheelbase and mid-mounted Williams gas turbine engine with the three-seater, but will have altered styling cues, a different mechanical layout and a slight weight advantage. Both cars will reportedly have 1,500hp. Would-be buyers have a little over a week to reserve a provisional chassis number at the low, low, introductory rate of 575 000 ($702,650), before the regular price of 675 000 ($824,795) takes effect. That's just 100,000 easy payments of $8.25!

September 20, 2005 [Project 1221]

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