Project 1221 September Update: Striptease

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Those Project 1221 boys are leading us on like the cheap prom dates we are. They will most likely love us in the morning, they swear, but for now all they want is to get into our crosshairs (whahoo, that sounds way dirtier that we expected it to). Anyway, this month they offer a detail shot of what their MF1 ultramegasupercar will look like, if you had a box on your head with a small, square hole cut into the front. Oh, and a quick wrap-up of MF1 details after the jump. Took them minutes, took us nowhere.


· All-wheel-drive 3-seater
· 1,500 hp (Williams gas-turbine engine)
· 270+ mph (430+ km/h) top speed
· 1 kg/hp - 1,000 hp/ton
· Selectable left-hand and right-hand drive
· Optional armoured protection
· 575 000 ($718,445) until September 30, 2005
· 675 000 ($843,392) after October 1, 2005

Project 1221, August Update [internal]

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